This video I submit to the SHORTCUT video contest for students.
It was produced during my internship at DONDON, with the
professional support from my co-workers.
In "Sound of Poker" I connect the contingency
of a poker game with sounds and get this melody
depending on the values of played cards.
The complexity of this audio-visual video
rises gradually like the tension in a game of poker.
Design for CITYLIGHT-poster
How does a Citylight's function:
They show their truth only in the dark. A versatile way of advertising.
This short animation of a flower was made in a "Workshop Week".
We wanted to show in this video the different ways of Photographie.
This is why my flower consists of texture photos.
In the course "Digital Communication "
we simulate a work environment in which we
creating an interactive ebook.
The ebook based on the story
"The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter"
from Ambrose Bierce.
"Encolor" is the result in the course "Music Video"
in the hKDM "Workshop-Week".
In one week we create a song and a matching music video.
Fallen from Space is a team project to create
a game based on the Captain Science comics.
One of my tasks was the conception of the virtual
planet's wildlife and the modeling and animation
of the plants and animals.
Further information on Facebook and here.
Concept for cinema tickets
based on Morse.
In this work I studied the question of "Experiental Education" and how children learn with action.
I tried to translate the theoretical information I gained into a game
- a Multiplayer Role-Playing Game
What happens if we stimulate multiple senses
at the same time?
This video showcases another view of our daily routine.
It was a teamwork in "interactive short-movie"
and is part of the series "Augenblick Alltag".
A board game
based on Egyptian mythology
In this work "Evolution III" I tried to visualize
mathematical logic and audio-visual electroacoustics
based on the setting of Florian Enderle.
This video only is an outcut of the original installing
which takes 2,5 hours.
Concept for a orientation-system
for a secondary school

It was a teamwork in the course "Orientation"